Showkorps O&V|Nuenen

zaterdag 23 juli 2022
Mars- en showwedstri...
13:00 - 13:20
Parkstad Limburg Stadion
Vanaf € 7.00

Passe Partout alle Mars- en Showwedstrijden

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Showkorps O&V | Nuenen is an active show- and marching band from the South of the Netherlands. They consist of an engaging percussion group, diverse wood and wind sections, and are completed by enthusiastic twirlers. Currently the showband consists of around 50 members of which about 35 perform in their shows and parades. With their spectacular show performances they can often be found at music festivals, street parades, and tattoos in the Netherlands and abroad. Past shows like “Generations” and “Circus Spectacular!” were hugely successful at the Open Dutch Showcorps Championships, the International Show and Marching competition in Hamont Belgium, and the WAMSB Rasteder Musiktage in Rastede Germany. This year they present their new 2022/2023 show: Africa, which tells the engaging story of them traveling through beautiful Africa when they’re confronted with the harsh realities of poachers who are on the hunt for ivory. Showkorps O&V | Nuenen is led by Drum Major Carine Bartholomeus and Miss Majorette Sanne de Lint.