Koninklijke Stadsfanfaren Izegem

zondag 24 juli 2022
Fanfareorkest Concer...
18:00 - 18:50
Vanaf € 20.00


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Passe partout Harmonie & Fanfare Rodahal

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Founded 215 years ago, the Koninklijke Stadsfanfaren Izegem is the oldest, still existing, fanfare band in Belgium. Hans Demeurisse became conductor in 1991 and since then the orchestra shows an enormous record of achievements. The band is cultural ambassador of the province of West-Flanders and became both Flemish Champion in 2016 and two years later Flemish Vice-Champion. The fanfare entered the highest division of the World Music Competition in Kerkrade. In 2019, the Koninklijke Stadsfanfaren released a new internationally well received cd full of new compositions . Their primary target is to aspire a nice interaction between entertaining concerts and challenging competitions where top quality always prevails. In addition, young potentials get the opportunity to develop as orchestral musicians in two growing youth orchestras. Anno 2021, the Koninklijke Stadsfanfaren Izegem remains a leading orchestra, situating the hometown of Izegem at the center of musical experience


Echoes of FrictionsStan Nieuwenhuis - 4:00 min.5own choice
Chasing LightHarrie Janssen - 13:00 min.6own choice
REM-ScapesThomas Doss - 4:00 min.6own choice
Riften WedJulie Giroux - Ivan Meylemans7:30 min.5own choice
Metropolis 1927Peter Graham - 15:30 min.6own choice