Koninklijke Fanfare Kempenbloei vzw

zondag 24 juli 2022
Fanfareorkest Concer...
16:20 - 17:10
Vanaf € 20.00


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Passe partout Harmonie & Fanfare Rodahal

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The 'Koninklijke Fanfare Kempenbloei' was founded in 1862 in Achel. In the 160 years of its existence the orchestra has always aimed to be a musical pioneer. Especially the last 25 years Kempenbloei has developed into one of the leading fanfare orchestras in the world, both by its quality concerts and its successes during contests. The participations at the WMC belong to the most striking contest results of the last era: a first place in the first division in 2001, a second place in 2005 and 3 world in the concert division in 2009, 2013 and 2017. The orchestra recorded 6 studio CD's: Kempenbloei in Concert, Cry of the Falcon, Sirocco, Evolution, Kempenbloei 150 and Supernova. The fanfare orchestra also cooperated on CD recordings of various international soloists. Kempenbloei gave prestigious concerts in well-known concert halls such as 'De Vooruit' in Ghent, 'Het Concertgebouw' in Bruges, the 'Bozar' in Brussels and the 'Teatro de la Zarzuela' in Madrid. This last concert was organized on the occasion of the handover of the presidency of the European Union from Spain to Belgium. Furthermore, in his role as a pioneer of the fanfare orchestra, Kempenbloei has commissioned dozens of compositions and arrangements in recent years.


Not Before TimePhilip Sparke - 6:00 min.6own choice
Elegy - Echoes of Lives PastPhilip Sparke - 5:00 min.4own choice
Songs from the End of the World: III. At SeaJohn Mackey - 8:30 min.5own choice
Asphalt CocktailJohn Mackey - Matt Evans5:30 min.6own choice
Immortal BachKnut Nystedt - Ivan Meylemans4:30 min.4.5own choice
A Gabrieli FantasyBert Appermont - 16:00 min.6own choice