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Koninklijk Harmonieorkest Vooruit Harelbeke

zondag 31 juli 2022
Harmonieorkest Conce...
20:00 - 20:50
Vanaf € 20.00


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The concert band Vooruit was founded in 1922 as part of the socialist workers' movement in Harelbeke, Belgium. Exactly one century later, Vooruit has established itself as one of Belgium’s leading concert bands, showing a rich artistic record. Between 1995 and 1997, Vooruit was Cultural Ambassador of Flanders for three years in a row, appointed by the Flemish government because of the orchestra’s focus on works by Flemish composers. Vooruit has won many prizes, including the world title in the concert division at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade in 2005, as well as first prizes at the Certamen Internacional de Bandas de Música in Valencia. In addition, the orchestra is regularly invited for concerts on national and international stages. In 2022, Vooruit will celebrate its 100th birthday, which will be celebrated throughout the year with festivities both in Belgium and abroad.


The Miraculous Mandarin, SuiteBéla Bartók - Kazuhiro Morita18:00 min.5own choice
La Delaïssádo, from "Chants d'Auvergne"Joseph Canteloube - Erik Desimpelaere6:00 min.5own choice
Along Dark PathsKenneth Hesketh - 21:00 min.6own choice