Kon. Fanfare Sint-Jozefsgilde Mol-Sluis

zaterdag 16 juli 2022
Fanfareorkest Tweede...
12:00 - 12:35
Vanaf € 15.00


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Passe partout Harmonie & Fanfare Rodahal

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The “Koninklijke Fanfare St.-Jozefsgilde” from Mol-Sluis is a typical village band with a rich history. It was founded in 1893 as a guild of the workmen of the “Molse Zandgroeven”. The musical society had to bring culture to the young town, but because of World War I and II their cultural activities were non-existent during the early years. Shortly after World War II, they chose the road of success with the help of an ambitious management and conductor René Beckers. One of the biggest achievements that time was reaching the top of the Belgian Hafabra culture, with a recording as the cherry on the cake, which was a major accomplishment for an amateur orchestra. After a difficult period at the end of the previous century, during which the amount of musicians decreased to around 20, they decided to aim for success again together with a new management and ambitious conductor Kevin Houben. Thanks to thorough youth work and tireless effort of musicians, conductors, and management they were able to be successful, with the first place at the WMC in 2017 (F3) as the major highlight. At this moment, the band has around 60 active members and is currently conducted by Jef Verheyden.


THE LEGEND OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN Martin Ellerby - 22:30 min.6own choice
Concertino voor FanfareRob Goorhuis - 13:0 min.4.5required