Harmonieorkest De Volksgalm Riemst

zaterdag 30 juli 2022
Harmonieorkest Conce...
15:00 - 15:50
Vanaf € 20.00

Passe partout Harmonie & Fanfare Rodahal

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De Volksgalm was founded in 1924. Under the leadership of various conductors De Volksgalm achieved several first prizes and championship titles. With Sandro Moretti we experienced our first highlight in 1997 at the 13th WMC in Kerkrade where our orchestra won the World Title in 3rd division with 94.6%. In 2001 our orchestra was rewarded at the 14th WMC in Kerkrade with the title of vice-champion, this time in 2nd division. Since 2003 our concert band is under the capable leadership of Mr. Frenk Rouschop. In 2004 we participated in the Provincial Orchestra Competition and with 93.41% of the points we became Limburg Champions. It was decided to work quietly towards the 16th WMC. With 97.08% of the points we became world champion in first division harmony. In 2013 we confirmed with a 3rd place in 1st division at the WMC with 94.75% and the best performance of the duty work. In 2016 we became Limburg Champion again and reached the top at the 17th WMC with the title of world champion in 1st division with a total of 96.08% In September 2019, we were honored to perform the opening concert of the Liberation Celebrations 40-45 in Mesch in front of a 2000-strong enthusiastic audience.


Ubi CaritasOla Gjeilo - 6:30 min.5own choice
Music of the SpheresPhilip Sparke - 16:00 min.6own choice
The Wild GooseRyan George - 11:30 min.6own choice
Melankolia uit Cantus Arcticus Op. 61Einojuhani Rautavaara - 4:30 min.5own choice
Concerto for Wind Ensemble - Part VSteven Bryant - 4:00 min.6own choice

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