Gelders Fanfare Orkest

zondag 24 juli 2022
Fanfareorkest Concer...
19:40 - 20:30
Vanaf € 20.00


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Passe partout Harmonie & Fanfare Rodahal

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The ‘GELDERS FANFARE ORCHESTRA’ (Gelders Fanfare Orkest) The Gelders Fanfare Orchestra (GFO) is one of Holland’s most renowned fanfare orchestras and consists of about sixty-five enthusiastic musicians. The GFO performs in the premier league of wind orchestras: the Concert-division. For a large part its members are advanced amateurs, but music students and professional musicians play in the orchestra as well. The Fanfare is an orchestral genre which is typical for the Netherlands and Belgium, and the players of the GFO just love the sound of this type of orchestra. The GFO has dedicated itself to promoting the fanfare orchestra in its most original form. In addition, the orchestra pursues the introduction of innovative elements within the fanfare music, for example by providing composition assignments and playing works by new and upcoming composers. The orchestra performs concerts regularly, and participates in numerous musical projects and final exams of conservatory students. The orchestra also organizes the annual “Young Soloists Project”, where promising young musicians ( 8-18 years old) are invited to an audition. The winner is given the opportunity to perform a solo during a gala-concert of the Gelders Fanfare Orchestra


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