Fanfarecorps Excelsior Putten

zaterdag 23 juli 2022
Mars- en showwedstri...
12:00 - 12:15
Parkstad Limburg Stadion
Vanaf € 7.00

Passe Partout alle Mars- en Showwedstrijden

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Fanfarecorps Excelsior, founded June 3, 1919: 100 years in 2019. Excelsior, an open traditional brass band, believes in the power of making music together and stimulates this within the Putten society. Making music together is more fun than individually. It encourages collaboration, challenges you to get better and is wonderfully relaxed. Our brass band consists of various musical parts, each of which appeals to a different audience. It is clear that Excelsior has meant a lot to the Putten society in the past 100 years and more importantly, is still participating and has found its way up again! Excelsior is one of the few corps in the Veluwe that is still marching and is successful in doing so. The added value is that traditional fanfare orchestras can perform successfully on the street. Be an example for other orchestras. Traditional marching bands on the street are rare, despite the need. In addition to marching competitions, it will also be active at concert competitions next year. Participation ONFK 2022 in Drachten. Excelsior gives other orchestras space and opportunities to perform during the annual traditional Puttense tattoo. In short, Fanfarecorps Excelsior musical ambassador of the municipality of Putten! Known in the region!


VPREDJ. Biskup - Rob Balfoort3:00 min.own choice
The Great Little ArmyKenneth J. Alford - Marc Gouswaart3:00 min.own choice