WMC Fringe Festival


WMC Fringe

Take this chance to play in front of an WMC-audience, to meet other musicians and to get a taste of this unique music festival in Kerkrade.

The WMC Festival is as much about competing as it is about meeting fellow musicians from all over the world and making music together. With WMC Fringe, a new part of WMC, we want to give bands a chance to get the full WMC experience, but without entering in the competitions. Because during the four-week festival, there are many performance opportunities in Kerkrade. Will your band enter the contests? Then you may also sign up for participation in WMC Fringe.

WMC offers participants of WMC Fringe several open-air stages. The WMC Village Stage in the city park, the open-air stage at the towns market square and numerous other performance venues are available. Marching and Show bands will have the opportunity to present themselves in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium or by a route through the city centre of Kerkrade.

Participants in WMC Fringe are given the possibility to visit the contests and other WMC activities at a discount.

Do you want to participate in WMC Fringe?

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