Show Contests



The Show Contest is without doubt the most spectacular and visual part of the WMC. Marching and show bands from all over the world will meet in Kerkrade during the 19th edition of the WMC to show off their style and culture. From traditional military styles to the modern Corps Style with sets and props. From clean shows that excel in perfect exercise and tight lines to shows that are dazzling in colours and dancing. A colourful mix of cultures that takes the audience along in breathtakingly performances of beautiful, compelling music and creative choreographies. The choice of music and visual design are free but must be appropriate to the division in which the performance is to take place.

The show will be performed on the grass pitch of the Parkstad Limburg Stadium within the lines of an 'American Football Field': 100 x 35 yards = 91.40 x 49.03 metres. The front line and the 5- and 10-yard lines will be marked on the field.

In Show there are 5 divisions to participate in:

  • Championship Division (the highest division)
  • World Division
  • 1st Division
  • 2nd Division
  • Junior Division

Contest Days

Championship Division
Friday 29 July: prelims
Saturday 30 July: (no. 13 till 15 in World Division)
Sunday 31 July: finals (no. 1 t/m 12)

World Division
Saturday 30 July and Sunday 31 July 2022

First Division
Saturday 23 July and Sunday 24 July 2022

Second Division
Saturday 23 July 2022

Junior Division
Saturday 23 July 2022

Contest Venue

The marching, show and marching parade contests take place in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. This stadium, which can accommodate some 20,000 visitors, is home to the Roda JC football club. During the World Music Contest it is the setting for the marching and show contests for four weeks. The stadium is about a 10-minute drive from the center of Kerkrade and is easily accessible by car and public transport.