Marching and Show Contests



The Marching and Show contests are without doubt the most visual and spectacular aspects of WMC. Marching and show bands from all over the world will meet in Kerkrade during the 19th edition of WMC 2022. They will do their utmost to turn the arena into a dazzling sea of colours, music, dance, military styles and cultures. The audience will be swept away in a total spectacle of carefully assembled pieces of music, strict marching techniques and comprehensive, creative choreographies.

The Marching and Show Contests at WMC are unique in their kind. All styles from all over the world meet at WMC: from traditional to modern marching bands, from drum corps to full wind bands. In short, a patchwork quilt of cultures and styles.

For marching and show bands the WMC is the place to be and for musicians it is an exceptional experience. Renowned bands such as The Blue Devils from the USA, Suraskmontree School Brass Band from Thailand, Kunst & Genoegen and Pasveerkorpsen from The Netherlands have performed in Kerkrade in the past and proudly brought home the much desired WMC world title.

New in 2022 is the expansion of divisions, the introduction of the Junior Division and - for the show in the Championship Division - a competition with prelims and finals. A maximum of 18 show bands can compete in this Championship Division on Friday 29 July 2022 to qualify for the finals, which will take place on Sunday 31 July 2022. In this exciting finale the 12 best show bands will compete with each other for the coveted title 'WMC World Champion Show’.

Clustering the sections and divisions


Marching Contests

The marching contest has its origins in the classic European military march tradition. A march may be based on Anglo­American principles or may also have its origins at the French or Prussian court.


Show Contests

The show contest section is without a doubt the most visual and spectacular part of the WMC, with show bands from all over the world pulling out all the stops to turn the field into a swirling sea of colors, music, dance, and cultures.


Marching Parade Contests

In 1997, WMC was the pioneer of this form of contest for marching and show bands. The marching parade involves a complete show production within the limitations of the ‘street circuit’ of the marching contest (a circuit that has been drawn on the field).