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WMC Kerkrade 2022


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The WMC contests for amateur bands and ensembles are an important reference point for the national and international wind music sector. Here, new developments are often set in motion and implemented, making these contests an important stimulus for innovation within the sector. The Concert Contests in the Roda Hall and the Kerkrade Theater are aimed at wind- and fanfare bands, brass bands and percussion ensembles. Each of these sections has its own specific requirements.

In 2022, changes will take place in all divisions in terms of duration and programme. In addition, all Concert Contests will be clustered per division.


Starting from 2022, WMC has chosen to cluster all contest sections and divisions on specific days or weekends. This clustering has a number of important advantages. It will, for example, make it easier to schedule adjudicators for the contests. This will allow (international) adjudicators in particular to be used more efficiently. It will be easier for adjudicators to compare participants within a division with each other. This will also increase the public's experience of the contest and enhance the level of objectivity. Each cluster is concluded with a prize ceremony in which all the results are announced simultaneously. This adds cachet to the ceremony, which includes performances by bands and ensembles. In January 2022 there will be a drawing of lots for all participants in the Concert Contests to determine who is playing at what time.

The Concert Contests WMC 2022 will take place on:

  • Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 July
  • Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July
  • Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July
  • Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 July

Participation in the Concert Contests of WMC 2022 is open to bands/ensembles in the sections, Wind Band, Fanfare Band, Brass Band and Percussion Ensemble. WMC sets a maximum of available slots per division. In the event more bands or ensembles apply, the general artistic manager decides who will compete, taking into account the quality and artistic background of the band or ensemble.


Wind Band Contests

Every four years, the World Music Contest (WMC) is the stage on which wind bands can compete with the world’s best. This is wind music of the highest quality, performed by participants from all over the world. In fact, WMC has the most international field of participants in the world during the contests for wind bands.


Fanfare Band Contests

WMC is the international stage for fanfare bands. The fanfare band is a music ensemble created by Adolphe Sax (1814 – 1894), consisting of brass and percussion and supplemented by saxophones. The majority of the participants traditionally come from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, but other countries also occasionally send entries.


Percussion Contests

Percussion ensembles will meet in Kerkrade for a special championship: the percussion contests. The World Music Contest is one of the reasons why this part has become so popular and has a high degree of freedom in terms of its program, with ensembles able to choose which compositions they want to use to showcase their musicality. The result? A resounding percussion spectacle where the ensembles almost literally pull out all the stops to win over the jury and the audience.


Brass Band Contests

Originally from England, this orchestral form consists exclusively of brass instruments, supplemented by percussion. During WMC, participating bands compete for a prestigious top place in four Divisions and deliver impressive musical performances with the aim of becoming world champion.