WMC Kerkrade 2022


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Kerkrade & Europe

Kerkrade is situated on the border between Belgium and Germany, a stone's throw away from historic cities such as Maastricht (NL), Aachen (DE) and Liège (B). For participants from Asia or America, Kerkrade is an ideal starting-point for visiting European cities such as Paris (FR), Amsterdam (NL), Brussels (B), Berlin (D) and London (GB).

Kerkrade is home to one of the largest monastery complexes in the Netherlands, three innovative experience museums focusing on design, science, and technology, and an attractive city center. The city also has one of the most beautiful zoos in the Netherlands. Kerkrade, part of the urban agglomeration of Parkstad, is known for its traditional hospitality and beautiful location in the Limburg countryside. In 2016, the region even won a prestigious prize – the “Tourism for Tomorrow Award” – for best travel destination in the world.


WMC Village

Just a stone's throw from Roda Hall and Kerkrade Theater, the WMC Village is the musical heart of the 70th anniversary of the festival. The beautiful city park brings together participants from all over the world. And the WMC Village forms the starting point of your participation. Participants from all over the world will be welcomed in style for four weeks and will also have the opportunity to follow workshops or give a pop-up performance before or after participating in the contest. The WMC Village will serves participants some fantastic lunches and/or dinners and will function as the meeting place for wind-music cultures from all over the world.


As soon as you register, you will receive help with all your questions regarding accommodation, hospitality, recreation, and transport. For example, a WMC contact person will help you find a suitable place to stay that is friendly to everyone's budget, whether that’s an overnight stay in single or double room or even group accommodations. You will also be supported in arranging transport to and from your accommodation.

WMC also assists with organizing excursions, extra concerts, and other specific wishes, if desired. This could range from anything from a visit to Amsterdam, Paris, or Düsseldorf to a visit to an amusement park.

Getting to Kerkrade

Kerkrade is best accessible via the airports of Düsseldorf (D), Cologne (D), Eindhoven (NL) and Brussels (B). These airports are situated within an hour’s drive of Kerkrade. From Schiphol Airport it takes about three hours by public transport to reach Kerkrade.