Slagwerkgroep St. Cecilia Milheeze

saturday 9 juli 2022
Percussion Ensemble ...
19:20 - 20:00
Theater Kerkrade
From € 15.00

Slagwerkgroep St. Cecilia Milheeze was founded in 1958 as a marching band and has been led by conductor Harrie van Otterdijk since 1998. Under his direction, the marching band of that time has evolved into a modern percussion ensemble. The small and dull drum have made way for melodic instruments, such as marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, tubular bells and glockenspiel. In the current line-up, the percussionists play from classical to pop music. In 2018, in celebration of its 60th anniversary, the group hosted a dinner show called DinerSOW. Where the letter "W" is a reference to the World Music Contest. As a marching band, St. Cecilia has participated in the WMC several times with marching contests. They won several silver and gold medals. But also with the current line-up, they have participated in the WMC several times, where they took home the gold medal on July 19, 2013. The current conductor, Harrie van Otterdijk, together with the predominantly young group of percussionists, is continuously working on new music and/or instruments to make the percussion in general attractive and challenging at the same time. Attractive for the audience to listen to and challenging for the conductor and percussionists to play.


Joris en de Draak - R. Merkelbach

As Above, So Below - Nathan Daughtrey

Cantus - Matthijs van Driel

Cop Drama - Jim Casella


Joris en de DraakR. Merkelbach - M. van Driel2:30 min.5own choice
As Above, So BelowNathan Daughtrey - 13:00 min.6own choice
CantusMatthijs van Driel - 9:30 min.6own choice
Cop DramaJim Casella - 6:00 min.6own choice