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Lithuanian State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas”

sunday 17 juli 2022
Wind Band 1st Divisi...
16:10 - 16:50
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The State Wind Orchestra “Trimitas” is a versatile and forward-looking collective encompassing a handful of genres and styles. The orchestra frequently collaborates with renowned Lithuanian soloists: percussion ensemble “Giunter Percussion” (“Drum & Brass), pianist Petras Geniušas (“Rhapsody of the XXth century), cellist Vytautas Sondeckis among others. Its modern outlook on contemporary programming manifests through interdisciplinary and multimedia projects, including collaborations with other artists, theatre and modern dance performers. In recent years, with the help of actress Birutė Mar, the orchestra has successfully realised two children spectacles – “Trimitas’ Town” and “Trimitas’ Flight”. Tirelessly searching for new forms, “Trimitas” closely collaborates with Lithuanian and international composers in publishing, educational projects, conductors’ seminars and masterclasses. In 2021, Leif Karlsson (Sweden) was appointed the artistic director-chief conductor of “Trimitas”; principal conductor – Karolis Variakojis. The most salient feature of “Trimitas” – its professional symphonic wind repertoire and virtuosic performances. The orchestra was founded in 1957 by composer-conductor Vitas Žilius, as Vilnius Central Culture and Recreation Park Music Collective. The pivotal year for the orchestra was 1964 when Romas Balčiūnas was appointed a new conductor, who steered the orchestra for more than four decades.


DionysiaquesFlorent Schmitt - Felix Hauswirth12:00 min.6own choice
Nitescence crépusculaireAlexandre Kosmicki - 17:0 min.6required
Asphalt CocktailJohn Mackey - 6:00 min.6own choice