Festival Brass Band


Festival Brass Band was founded at the start of the new millennium, in the year 2000. The ambitions were great and that same year Festival Brass Band conquered a podium place at the National Championships. In the years that followed, the band worked its way to the Belgian top. The first highlight was reached in 2008 when Festival Brass Band crowned itself national champion and in 2009 made its first appearance on the European stage during the European Brass Band Championship in Ostend. A year later, for the 10th anniversary of the band, Festival Brass Band performed on stages in New York and Manhattan. A milestone for this young band was the year 2015 when Steven Verhaert was appointed as musical director. Since then, the band has been steadily built up again, which started to show results in 2017. In 2018 and 2019, the band became national vice-champions each time and at the Dutch Open Brassband Championships of 2019, Festival Brass Band achieved a first victory under the direction of Steven Verhaert.