Brassband Schoonhoven B

sunday 10 juli 2022
Brass Band 2nd Divis...
10:50 - 11:25
Theater Kerkrade
From € 20.00

Brassband Schoonhoven was founded in October of 1921 as a Fanfare band named T.O.A.G.E.N.O.. This is why the band is currently celebrating it's 100th year anniversary. In 1972 the Fanfare band was changed into a Brass band and in 1994 the B-band started as a youth and development band. The B-Band has developed his own sound and character over the years and has it's own agenda filled with concerts and yearly contests. Since 2003 the band is competing in the 2nd division. The band has been successful with National and International successes. These include the three times National Championships in the 2nd division, French Open Brass band Championship wins and several runners up in WMC, VOBK and other contests. Next to contesting the band loves to give a nice concert for the home crowd. You can always find them playing in and around Schoonhoven on busy days. In September 2021 the band appointed Zoran Rosendahl as the new conductor of the band. Zoran is working with the band to bring them new successes, after a couple of difficult years.