Brassband Panta Rhei

sunday 10 juli 2022
Brass Band 2nd Divis...
10:00 - 10:35
Theater Kerkrade
From € 20.00

Paul Voet founded Brass Band Ghent (now Brass Band Panta Rhei) in 1995. This band got off to a quick start and after a few months of rehearsing Brass Band Ghent won the competition organised by the city of Ghent. It was the start of a series of good performances that resulted in the invitation to make Brassband Ghent an ambassador for the "Flemish School Community Panta Rhei" The new function meant for the band to perform under a new name: Brass Band Panta Rhei was born. Brass Band Panta Rhei, guarantees high-quality brass band music and enjoys performing at competitions as well as concerts. The band fullfills a very important pedagogical function where students from "GO! Kunstacademie Ghent" get the opportunity to play in a band alongside their teachers. This special situation creates an important influence on all our members. Brassband Panta Rhei is a regular guest on concerts and contests in Europe and beyond. The band performed in Switserland, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa and Asia amongst others.