Brassband Bacchus

sunday 10 juli 2022
Brass Band 1st Divis...
16:35 - 17:15
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Passe-Partout Brass Band Weekend Roda Hall

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In the 1990s, conductor Bart Van Neyghem had the idea to start up a brass band in Lennik (Belgium). It was build out of the brass ensemble Bacchus, which had been around for quite some time. He expanded this ensemble with the better musicians from all over the country. After the search for a rehearsal room, in February 1998, Brassband Bacchus was born. On April 23, 1998, the band organises a press conference to announce the official start and they play their first concert. From that day, the brass band atmosphere was spread over the region of Lennik as never seen before. The main goal of the band is to enjoy playing music and fulfilling the musicians high demands in terms of performance. This orchestra is very versatile. It varies from seriously classical to playfully modern. A brassband Bacchus performance or concert is always a new surprise, in terms of performed music and experience for the audience. With conductor Bart Van Neyghem, Brassband Bacchus participates in different competitions in Belgium and abroad. They won the WMC in 3th and 2nd division before, together with several victories at the Belgian championship in 3th, 2nd and 1st division and some nice soloist prizes.


The Adventurers - Martin Cordner

Tallis Variations - Philip Sparke

Amundsen - Jonathan Bates