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Banda Musical de Arouca

saturday 16 juli 2022
Wind Band 1st Divisi...
18:15 - 18:55
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Banda Musical de Arouca, an Cultural and Artistic Association, was founded in 1825. In 1985, the band received the Public Utility Statute and was recognized with the Municipal Medal of Merit – Gold Grade. The band's activities include participation in religious festivities and concerts in various prestigious concert halls. The 186th-year-old band has a fully functioning music school, currently with about 50 students. Internationalization is also an objective of the band, having already performed in Poligny – France in 2003. Masterclasses, workshops and concerts with renowned artists such as António Vitorino de Almeida, Jorge Almeida, Ruben Simeó, Mário Laginha, Sofia Escobar and Carlos Nuñez are also regular activities in the institution. On the first participation in contests, in 1993, the Band won the first prize on the Civil Bands contest “Terras de Cambra”. In 2014, the band participated in the 128th International Festival of Music Bands in Valencia and won the second prize on the second cathegory. In 2019, the band participated in the VI International Competition of Braga Bands, obtaining third place in the Competition and second place in the São João de Braga Award. The Band is currently composed of 75 elements, mostly amateurs. Ivo Silva is the artistic director.


Festa Helder Bettencourt - 4:00 min.4own choice
Nitescence crépusculaireAlexandre Kosmicki - 17:0 min.6required
L’Amico FritzPietro Mascagni - Masahiko Kimura 5:00 min.5own choice
Fantastic Variations ...homage à Duarte Ferreira Pestana Luís Carvalho - 14:00 min.6own choice