A-Slagwerkensemble Vriezenveense Harmonie

saturday 9 juli 2022
Percussion Ensemble ...
16:40 - 17:20
Theater Kerkrade
From € 15.00

The Vriezenveen Harmony was officially founded in 1920. This music club recently celebrated its centennial anniversary by performing a grand theatre production called: ‘Muziektheaterspektakel Harmonie!’ Among the highlights during these 100 years are the several national championships that the Concert Band and the Percussion Ensemble won in different leagues. Currently the uniqueness of the Concert Band lies in the way how it is interwoven into the whole of the Vriezenveen community. It prides itself on an A-orchestra, a youth orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, a youth Percussion Ensemble and a special group for young learners. The club has its own music school and collaborates with all kinds of musical projects. In particular it ‘bonds’ with primary schools to try and kindle the joy of music in children at an early age. Thus it passes on the lesson it has learned itself from the past 100 years: music unifies people. And this is a wisdom that has been true not only for our own relatively small community, but it’s also valid for the world at large. The Percussion Ensemble has been conducted by Niek KleinJan since 2014. Despite his busy schedule as a music-making percussionist, he leads this group with great enthusiasm.