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friday 19 april 2024
20:00 - 22:30
Toon Hermans Theater
From € 32.00

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A 'brassy' reflection.

Mnozil Brass brings world-class brass in creative shows where musical virtuosity meets entertainment, comedy and cabaret. The Austrian brass performs about 120 concerts a year. Eeach tour they also come to Limburg; this time even twice. At the Toon Hermans Theatre, they will play their latest show Phoenix. Slapstick meets humour... 

In the 30 years of their existence, Mnozil Brass has in all seriousness brought the most cheerful and absurd performances to the stage. In Phoenix, the seven brass players fundamentally change the rules of the game; for the first time, the men are highlighting the serious things in life. All the little demons, which stand in their way of pursuing the true and noble, are subjected to a shamelessly 'brassy' reflection. After all, who wants to be more holy than the holy? And why is it more fun at night than during the day. Mnozil Brass explores these complex questions with musical depth and wisdom. That comes with age!