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JUBILEE – 30 years of Mnozil Brass

thursday 15 februari 2024
20:00 - 22:30
PLT Heerlen
From € 21.00

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Mnozil Brass will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024! The brass players are happy to celebrate this fantastic anniversary in the Parkstad Limburg Theatre Heerlen with the many fans they have in the region. JUBILEE promises a - how could it be otherwise - virtuoso and dazzling show with lots of humour around the highlights of the past 30 years. Together with the horns, you will travel back to those very beginnings during an upbeat musical evening at Gasthaus Mnozil in Vienna. 

A piece of history 

It is 1994 when a few cheeky conservatory students with philharmonic ambitions at Vienna's Gasthaus Mnozil first gave in to the temptations of Wirtshausmusik. That one evening is all-important for the wind players. They left behind the noble world of classical music and have since been travelling the world with a unique and energetic wind music repertoire. 

Passion for wind music 

Now, three decades later, the young musicians are professors themselves. But the fire of their passion for wind music has never been extinguished. It still burns as brightly anno 2024 as it did that night, in that small Viennese restaurant. In JUBILEE - 30 years of Mnozil Brass, that same passion is still splashing from the stage.