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Marching and Show Contests Day 1

Show Junior, 1st & 2nd Division, Marching Junior, 1st & Second Division

saturday 23 juli 2022
12:00 - 16:50
Parkstad Limburg Stadium
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The Marching and Show contests are without doubt the most visual and spectacular aspects of WMC. Marching and show bands from all over the world will meet in Kerkrade during the 19th edition of WMC 2022. They will do their utmost to turn the arena into a dazzling sea of colours, music, dance, military styles and cultures. The audience will be swept away in a total spectacle of carefully assembled pieces of music, strict marching techniques and comprehensive, creative choreographies.

The Marching and Show Contests at WMC are unique in their kind. All styles from all over the world meet at WMC: from traditional to modern marching bands, from drum corps to full wind bands. In short, a patchwork quilt of cultures and styles.

We kick off the Marching and Show Contests with a new element: on Saturday, both Marching and Show have a Junior Division for the first time in their history. Junior orchestras from public favorites Door Vriendschap Sterk, Advendo Sneek and Pasveerkorps but also promising newcomer IRENE-EDE enter the field of the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. 



2nd Division Marching, 1st Division Marching en 1st Division Show

Prizing Ceremony

Junior Division Marching en 2nd Division Show