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Brass Band Concert Division


friday 8 juli 2022
17:35 - 21:25
Roda Hall
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Passe-Partout Brass Band Weekend Roda Hall

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Participation in the WMC World Brass Band Championship 2022 is possible for Brass Bands with a maximum of 35 players, including percussion. Participation in the Concert Division is only possible at the invitation of WMC Kerkrade and for bands that have already been placed in the Concert Division on the basis of their performance and/or are qualified for this contest on the basis of the international ranking as a representative of their country.

The time slots for the participants of the compulsory work are not yet known. These will be determined on Friday 8 July by a draw, just before the participants go on stage. This draw is necessary because the jury team of this test will work through a closed jury box.

Test piece

Title: Contest Music (1973)

Composer: Wilfred Heaton (GB)