Opening Concert 19th World Music Contest

With philharmonie zuidnederland & The Wave Quartet

thursday 7 juli 2022
20:00 - 21:30
Roda Hall
From € 38.00

While the festivities on the BLOW! Stage in Kerkrade are in full swing, there are two special orchestras on the Roda Hall stage: philharmonie zuidnederland and the Wave Quartet. Together they provide the musical prelude to the 19th WMC. During the concert we will show a cross section of what WMC has to offer: wind music and percussion. 

Top composer Hardy Mertens wrote a new hymn especially for the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the World Music Contest. The world-renowned composer from Kerkrade has been associated with the festival for many years and was inspired by the rich history of the competition and the well-known WMC tune by Henk Badings.

The composition Symphony of Winds by Igor Stravinsky was written especially for the wind section of a symphony orchestra. The Wave Quartet, a leading percussion quartet in Europe, will have the opportunity to shine with a composition by Astor Piazzolla. The work Aconcagua was written for the bandoneon, but arranged for percussion quartet and symphony orchestra. It will have its Dutch premiere that evening. 

After the intermission, the spectacular Symphony No.2 "The Big Apple" by composer Johan de Meij is on the program. The composition was originally written for wind band, but tonight it is performed for symphony orchestra. And that is exceptional, because usually it is the other way around and works for symphony orchestra are arranged for wind band. 

In any case, this first gala concert of the 19th World Music Contest promises to be a special evening. One for the musical connoisseur. 

Hardy Mertens - WMC Hymne                       

Igor Stravinsky - Symphony of Winds           

Astor Piazzolla - Aconcagua (Dutch Premiere)

Johan De Meij - Symphony nr. 2 'The Big Apple’