WMC: powered by volunteers

WMC has always been a volunteer organization with an active, passionate support team in the region and beyond. Our volunteers play an essential role in the success of the World Music Contest. In other words: no WMC without volunteers.

They make sure that the 20,000 participants and 350,000 visitors feel welcome and that they have everything they need. The tasks that volunteers take on before and during the festival are diverse. They perform production tasks, inform visitors, take care of the ticketing and ensure that participants can achieve the best possible performance during the contest. 

At WMC you work as a volunteer within a team. Each team deals with a different aspect of WMC. This team is led by the team-chairman and each team is managed by one of the employees of WMC. At WMC about 200 volunteers are active.



Want to become a volunteer at WMC?

The team of volunteers needs regular reinforcements. Enthusiastic people who want to contribute on a voluntary basis to the realization of WMC are therefore very welcome!

Do you recognize yourself in a profile of a particular team or does everything seem fun to you?

You can sign up for a team or as a general volunteer via info[at]

The following applies to everyone:

  • You are an enthusiastic music lover (who preferably knows WMC);
  • You will be available during the 19th edition WMC Kerkrade (July 7 - 31, 2022);
  • The ability to express oneself in German, English or Spanish is an advantage.
  • You are over the age of 18.

Volunteer teams: Contests & Line Up

The contests and the artistic programme - in other words, the artistic aspect of the festival - form the basis of the WMC. The volunteer teams will be led by artistic managers Björn Bus and Henk Smit. They are responsible for the artistic implementation of both the contests and the line-up during the entire WMC.

- Team Concert Contests
- Team Marching & Show Contests
- Team Fringe

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Volunteer teams: Production & Facilities

These teams are supervised by operational manager Leonie Jaeqx-Curvers. WMC makes use of various concert venues (such as Theater Kerkrade, the Stadium and the Roda Hall), but also grounds, schools, sports clubs, soccer fields, etc. The following volunteer teams ensure that all the preconditions necessary for the WMC to run smoothly are arranged.

- Team Production & Contest Locations
- Team Production Stadium

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Volunteer teams: People & Hospitality

In the town of Kerkrade we welcome the world with open arms during WMC. The teams that are part of People & Hospitality not only ensure that all the facilities are in order, but above all that everyone feels at home and has a good time. Because whether you come from Haanrade or Hanoi: everyone is welcome at the WMC!

- Team Hospitality
- Team Host & Hostesses
- Team Participant Services
- Team Education & Talent

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Volunteer teams: Communication, Community & Public Affairs

All external and internal communication must run smoothly during WMC 2021. The following teams are part of Communication, Community and Public Affairs. The various teams are managed by general manager Marcel Andriolo and Jules Roosenboom, communications specialist Jules Roosenboom.

- Team Ticketing & Finance 
- Team Sponsoring
- Team Photography & Media
- Team Archive & Documentation

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