Volunteer teams: Production & Facilities
WMC Kerkrade 2022

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June 1

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These teams are supervised by operational manager Leonie Jaeqx-Curvers. WMC makes use of various concert venues (such as Theater Kerkrade, the Stadium and the Roda Hall), but also grounds, schools, sports clubs, soccer fields, etc. The following volunteer teams ensure that all the preconditions necessary for the WMC to run smoothly are arranged.

Would you like to become a volunteer?
Our teams of volunteers can always use reinforcements. Enthusiastic, driven people who want to work at WMC on a voluntary basis are therefore very welcome! Do you want to know more or register as a volunteer? Send an email to for more information.


Production & Contest locations

This team ensures that the Rodahall and Theater Kerkrade, among others, are in tip-top shape for participants, visitors and artists. Members of this team take care of all technical facilities and make sure that both the venue and, for example, the dressing rooms are in order. This team works closely together with the team Concert contests.

Most important tasks

Providing the preconditions as far as they are concerned for:

  1. Necessary technical facilities
  2. Required personnel support;
  3. Required layout of the locations;
  4. Arranging the transport of equipment and instruments;
  5. Management of the practice locations.

Production Stadium

This team will ensure that Parkstad Limburg Stadium is completely in order for the contests during WMC 2021. As a member of this team you will be responsible for all technical facilities and you will make sure that both the stadium and, for example, the dressing rooms are in order. This team works closely together with the team Marching and Show contests.

Most important tasks

  1. Providing the necessary technology;
  2. Fitting-out the facilities;
  3. Management of personnel;
  4. Providing catering for the volunteer teams of the stadium.