Volunteer teams: People & Hospitality
WMC Kerkrade 2022

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June 1

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By creating pleasant social gatherings, by providing good accommodation and reliable transport, everyone has to leave with a great feeling. The volunteers of People & Hospitality are the main ambassadors of WMC: they take care of the solidarity that WMC stands for and make sure that our guests have nothing to left to desire. An essential task within the organization.

Would you like to become a volunteer?
Our teams of volunteers can always use reinforcements. Enthusiastic, driven people who want to work at WMC on a voluntary basis are therefore very welcome! Do you want to know more or register as a volunteer? Send an email to for more information.



This team ensures that there is a location where all visitors, participants, guests and musicians can turn to with their questions. The members of this team are always ready to help.

Most important tasks

  1. Setting up the central intake area;
  2. Providing information for everyone in the WMC-village as well as at the other locations;
  3. Providing and deploying hospitality guides at all locations.

Participant Services

This team accompanies participants, artists and guests during their stay in Kerkrade and ensures that they lack nothing. As a member of this team you are the point of contact and you guide your group, artist or jury member from registration or arrival at WMC up to and including the day of departure. This group of volunteers are very important representatives for the festival and make sure that everyone goes home with a good feeling.

Most important tasks

  1. Reception and intake of the participants, artists and other participants and guests;
  2. Accompanying the participants during their stay in Kerkrade;
  3. Arranging preconditions such as transport for the groups staying in Kerkrade;
  4. Coordination of any performances by participants.

Education & talent development

This team guides young participants in WMC and ensures a good time. As a member of this young and dynamic team you are responsible for all the facilities needed for educational activities, but you also create a party at the WMC-Village. You create a welcoming environment in which participants can meet each other, where they can make music together and where the fraternization, which WMC stands for, can take place.

Most important tasks

  1. Supervision of (youth) participants during WMC at the WMC Academy;
  2. Helping out in the WMC-Village;
  3. Creating a party for the participants - bringing participants together;
  4. You organize activities in the WMC-Village for the participants.

Volunteer team: Host & Hostesses

This team provides volunteers at all locations where ceremonial ceremonies are held, i.e. at contests as well as concerts. As host or hostess you are the face of the organization during the award ceremonies. You also supervise the VIPS during their visit to WMC.

Most important tasks

  1. Supervising the prize-giving ceremonies during contests in the stadium, theatre and Rodahall;
  2. Presenting flowers, certificates and prizes to participants;
  3. Transport VIPS;
  4. Managing the VIP lounge.

Volunteer team: Logistics & Facilities

This team has the important task of ensuring that all participants, VIPS and jurors are in the correct place at the right time. As a team member you are at the center of things and coordinate the buses and cars that transport participants to the contest locations, to their hotel or to the practice locations.

Most important tasks

  1. Coordination of bus transport for WMC participants;
  2. Controlling passenger transport to and from practice/residence/ locations;
  3. Drawing up a travel schedule and deploying drivers;
  4. Control/coordination of external transporters;
  5. Regulation, organization parking tickets during WMC.

Volunteer team: Housing

This team is responsible for setting up and managing the locations where participants sleep and stay during WMC. As a member of this team you have an important responsibility: you make sure that participants can start the contests rested. You make sure they feel welcome in Kerkrade.

Most important tasks

1.         Coordination storage and management               of beds and bed textiles;

2.         Organizing and furnishing group                         accommodations;

3.         Managing group accommodations                      during WMC.