Volunteer teams: Communication, Community & Public Affairs


Volunteer teams: Communication, Community & Public Affairs

All external and internal communication must run smoothly during WMC 2021. The following teams are part of Communication, Community and Public Affairs. The various teams are managed by business manager Maikel den Dekker and Jules Roosenboom, communications specialist Jules Roosenboom.


Volunteer team: Ticketing and Finance

This team ensures that everyone who wants to buy a ticket for a WMC event - both online and in the physical ticket shop - is properly helped. As a member of this team, you welcome visitors and are responsible for ticket checks at the door.

Most important tasks

  1. Setup of the WMC ticketshop;
  2. Setting up the ticket desks at the various locations where contests and/or concerts are being held.
  3. Managing the ticket shop and the ticket booths;
  4. The financial handling of the daily ticket sales, both in the pre-sale period and during the festival.

Volunteer team: Sponsorship

This team supports the organisation in recruiting and supervising sponsors. This involves companies and institutions as well as individuals.

Most important tasks

  1. Recruit sponsors in co-operation with the organisation;
  2. Supervising sponsors during WMC;
  3. Adequate reporting of agreements and commitments (concert tickets, parking spaces);
  4. Follow-up after a WMC.

Volunteer team: Photography & Media

The members of this volunteer team provide a visual overview of  WMC. The group consists of about twenty passionate photographers who are present at all WMC events and ensure that striking images of participants and the public are available which are used for the website, on social media and for print. As a photographer you are the fly on the wall who, through his own perspective, captures the fraternization, enthusiasm and emotion that WMC creates.

Most important tasks

Taking pictures of the different WMC activities.

Volunteer team: Archive & Documentation

This team manages the extensive archive of the WMC and makes sure that all contest results are well documented.

Most important tasks

  1. Archiving and managing the photo and video material;
  2. Archiving contest results;
  3. Digitalisation of the above content.