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  • Juli 12, 2021

    Live stream: World Premier of WMC Test piece

    On Tuesday July 13, one of the WMC test pieces for wind bands will premier in Japan. The composition Diferencias on an Old Spanish Song by composer Ito Yasuhide will be performed at the concert of the Senzoku Gakuen Green-Tie Wind Ensemble. The piece is commissioned by WMC for the second division in the Wind Band contest in 2022.

    The live stream will start at 18:00 hours (JST) / 11:00 hours (CEST) and will be available on YouTube afterwards.

  • Juli 7, 2021

    WMC Kerkrade starts countdown to 19th edition

    The countdown to the World Music Contest in 2022 officially started today - Wednesday 7 July! In exactly one year's time, the kick-off of the 19th edition of the World Music Contest will take place in Kerkrade, transforming the city for a month into the vibrant epicenter of the world of wind music. Alderman Tim Weijers (Events & Marketing) and chairman Max Kousen started the countdown clock at the WMC office on Niersprinkstraat in the presence of the WMC board, several volunteers and the WMC team.

    Next year, the World Music Contest will take place from July 7 to 31, 2022. Initially the WMC was to be organized this summer, but due to the corona crisis the organization, in close consultation with WMC’s partners, decided to move the festival forward one year. The application for the contests for the coming edition of WMC Kerkrade already opened on June 1, 2021.

  • June 1, 2021

    WMC opens applications for the festival in 2022

    Applications for the 19th World Music Contest in 2022 have started. From this moment on, bands and ensembles can apply online for the marching and show contests and the contests for wind bands, fanfare bands, percussion ensembles and brass bands. Registration closes on November 1, 2021. After the summer, WMC expects that most participants will know if they are able to participate in 2022.

    Despite the corona pandemic, the organization expects bands and ensembles from almost every continent to apply. ,,Many countries are opening up right now," says Björn Bus, artistic manager at WMC. ,,During the past year we've kept in close contact with bands and organizations, both nationally and internationally, and most groups are optimistic. They have often started rehearsing with the full band again and are already preparing for the upcoming World Music Contest."

    Registration for the World Music Contest 2022 is done through an online application module, the My WMC Portal, in which representatives of bands can upload and edit all the necessary information. Among other things, they can compile their program there, upload their artistic portfolio and submit photos and videos. Before November 1, participants must provide all general information (contact information, biography, recent contest results, etc.) about their band or ensemble. Bands who apply in the Concert Divisions - the highest division within the contests for wind bands, fanfare bands, brass bands and percussion ensembles - must also submit their artistic portfolio before this date. Applicants will hear from the organization as soon as possible whether they have been admitted to the contests. Participants have until February 1, 2022, to finalize their program. The registrations for the International Conductors Contest and the band competition Copa Capella, will start on October 1st 2021.

    Test pieces
    On April 1st of this year the WMC organization already published the Rules & Regulations for all contests. WMC also announced the titles and composers of the Test Pieces for Wind Bands, Fanfare Bands and Brass Bands.

  • April 2, 2021

    WMC publishes Test pieces for wind, fanfare and brass bands

    On April 1, WMC published the titles and composers of the Test pieces of the World Music Contest 2022 for wind, fanfare and brass bands. The selection committee of the Dutch Repertoire Information Center (RIC), at the request of WMC, selected 10 works for their suitability for the concert competitions of the 19th edition of the festival. Of the 10 compositions, 5 were written exclusively for WMC.

    The full list of the compositions can be downloaded here.

    The new works have been written by prominent composers from France, Japan, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. "I am delighted that we are presenting five exceptional new compositions that reflect the international wind music cultures," says Björn Bus, General Artistic Manager at WMC. "They are a valuable addition to the existing repertoire for wind bands."

    In 2021 WMC will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Therefore, the organization asked the selection committee to choose compositions that have historical value and have been significant for the development of the repertoire for bands. “With, among others, the work Concertino for Fanfare by Rob Goorhuis and Contest Music by Wilfred Heaton, we look back at the rich history of wind music and of our festival. Concertino for Fanfare was the Test piece in the second division at the fanfare contests in 1985," says Bus.

    On April 1, WMC also published the rules & regulations for all contests of WMC 2022. These too can be downloaded from the website. Registration for the next World Music Contests starts on June 1 of this year.

  • March 18, 2021

    Music Talks: Stephanie Huysmans

    Stephanie Huysmans plays the clarinet at the Koninklijke Oude Harmonie van Eijsden. In 2005, she was at the World Music Contest for the very first time. She talks about her experiences at WMC. "As soon as the first piece is being played, there is no way back."

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