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  • April 2, 2021

    WMC publishes Test pieces for wind, fanfare and brass bands

    On April 1, WMC published the titles and composers of the Test pieces of the World Music Contest 2022 for wind, fanfare and brass bands. The selection committee of the Dutch Repertoire Information Center (RIC), at the request of WMC, selected 10 works for their suitability for the concert competitions of the 19th edition of the festival. Of the 10 compositions, 5 were written exclusively for WMC.

    The full list of the compositions can be downloaded here.

    The new works have been written by prominent composers from France, Japan, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. "I am delighted that we are presenting five exceptional new compositions that reflect the international wind music cultures," says Björn Bus, General Artistic Manager at WMC. "They are a valuable addition to the existing repertoire for wind bands."

    In 2021 WMC will celebrate its 70th anniversary. Therefore, the organization asked the selection committee to choose compositions that have historical value and have been significant for the development of the repertoire for bands. “With, among others, the work Concertino for Fanfare by Rob Goorhuis and Contest Music by Wilfred Heaton, we look back at the rich history of wind music and of our festival. Concertino for Fanfare was the Test piece in the second division at the fanfare contests in 1985," says Bus.

    On April 1, WMC also published the rules & regulations for all contests of WMC 2022. These too can be downloaded from the website. Registration for the next World Music Contests starts on June 1 of this year.

  • March 18, 2021

    Music Talks: Stephanie Huysmans

    Stephanie Huysmans plays the clarinet at the Koninklijke Oude Harmonie van Eijsden. In 2005, she was at the World Music Contest for the very first time. She talks about her experiences at WMC. "As soon as the first piece is being played, there is no way back."

  • March 4, 2021

    Music Talks: Erik Rozendom

    Erik Rozendom is a conductor, horn player and arranger. With the Gelders Fanfare Orkest he took part in the World Music Contest no less than four times. The performance he remembers best is the one in 2013, when they played ‘De verschrikkingen van het ijs en de duisternis’ by Harrie Janssen. It ended with an emotional climax, both for the band and the audience in Roda Hall. "The audience started applauding even before the last note had sounded. That's an amazing thing."

  • March 3, 2021

    World Music Contest 2022: preparations in full swing

    Application starts on June 1

    While the coronavirus pandemic does make it difficult to plan ahead, preparations for the 19th World Music Contest in the summer of 2022 are already in full swing. All relevant information about contests will be made available by the WMC on April 1 this year. Application for the contests will start on June 1. In the meantime, the WMC will be in close contact with the international world of wind music and potential participants. 

    The COVID crisis is a crisis in the most literal sense: This disease affects everyone everywhere. Musicians were hit extra hard. Not being able to meet and rehearse had a huge impact on the sense of community that is tied to wind music. In order to understand what has been happening in the global wind music sector, the WMC posted a broad survey to musicians and conductors asking them how the coronavirus has affected their work, and whether they expect to be able to travel to Kerkrade in 2022. Although the pandemic has affected some countries more than others, the general outlook is hopeful: European bands are expecting to be able to participate in the WMC next year. In Asia, participants are often dependant on available funds, as participation tends to cost over 100,000 dollars. In a country like New Zealand where there is a minimal infection rate, bands can already begin to rehearse. South American countries are still facing a great deal of uncertainty, so the WMC will keep a watchful eye on developments in various regions over the next months.

    Application for the 19th WMC
    The application process for the upcoming World Music Contest will open on June 1 2021. Beginning in April, bands and ensembles will be able to see all the details and information needed to participate in the contests, including the list of composers and titles of test pieces for Wind, Fanfare, and Brass Band. The WMC's Rules and Regulations for Marching and Show as well as Concert contests will also be available for download on our website, You can sign up for the WMC 2022 contests digitally via our online My WMC Portal from June 1 onward. Band and ensemble members can log in to the portal to register, put together a program, and upload all relevant information. By summer this year, the WMC expects that most participants will be clear on the preparation needed in order to be ready for the contests.

    One of the essential elements in planning the upcoming WMC is hospitality and how 20,000 participants and a lot of visitors will be received in Kerkrade. The keyword here is experience: Beside the competitive element, the WMC is a stage for people and cultures to meet – a place where music brings people together. That's why behind the scenes, we've been working hard on a comprehensive plan to facilitate accommodation and transportation, as well as organizing extra concerts, day trips, and other activities for all of our participants.

    Contests in 2022
    In 2019, the WMC announced changes to the contests at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago. Within the Concert Contests, the WMC clusters Wind Bands, Fanfare Bands, Percussion Ensembles, and Brass Bands. What this means is that all participants within a division will perform on the same weekend. This way, the WMC can put together better jury teams and increase the degree of objectivity. In 2022, the Marching and Show Contests will include a Championship Division, above the World Division, for the most competitive bands. The competition in this division follows a prelims-finals structure, with the finals on the last Sunday of WMC. The WMC is also expanding the number of divisions within the Marching and Show to five, including a youth division.

    Music Talks
    In a new platform called ‘Music Talks’, musicians, conductors, and composers from all over the world can talk about the kinds of music being made and performed in their countries. With these talks, WMC is working to build an international community. Last year, the WMC used this platform to ask participants about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in their area, and the ways in which they managed to continue making music. One thing stood out from these stories one thing stood out: Musicians are creative people. Bands found new and innovative ways to keep making music. Some would rehearse over Zoom calls, live-stream concerts on YouTube, or give outdoor concerts in the local area when permitted. In the upcoming months, the WMC will begin hosting a new series of ‘Music Talks’. Expect to hear from participants of the WMC 2013 and the WMC 2017 as they share their experiences.

  • Januari 25, 2021

    Music publisher Jan Molenaar (84) has passed away

    Conductor and music publisher Jan Molenaar has died at the age of 84. Molenaar became a well-known conductor at a young age and joined the family business Molenaar Edition in 1958. Jan Molenaar has also played an essential role in the development of the wind music sector and the World Music Contest.

     “At an early age Jan followed in his father's footsteps and was both in terms of new marketing strategy and music - he was a conductor and pianist - the right man in the right place," says Harrie Reumkens, artistic advisor of WMC. “Few have contributed as much to the repertoire development of wind bands as he has, and WMC Kerkrade was the most important international stage for him. Molenaar Edition has grown into a company with world fame. Jan distinguished himself above all by always putting the music before commercial success.”

    Molenaar was also co-founder of the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) in 1981 and brought the fourth WASBE conference to Kerkrade in 1989. He gladly included celebrated and innovative composers like Ida Gotkovski, Amando Blanquèr, Henk Badings and Jaqueline in his wind music portfolio. Johan de Meij also started with Molenaar as an arranger and composer. Together with composer John Paynter he introduced WMC in 1990 at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, one of the most important international meeting places for the world of wind music.

    When he retired as director of Molenaar Music in 1997, WMC offered him a special honorary award.

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