Mission Statement & Core Values
WMC Kerkrade 2022


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In the seventy years of the festival’s existence, WMC has proven that it is a relevant – perhaps the most sig­nificant – player in the world of wind music, attracting more than 20,000 musicians and some 350,000 visi­tors to the city of Kerkrade every four years. However, this success is by no means taken for granted. WMC operates in a dynamic playing field, both on the side of the participants as well as on the side of the audiences. That is why experience plays a crucial role in the entertainment and festival landscape.

A new mindset calls for a redefinition of the festival’s vision. This new vision is founded on the idea that WMC approaches the world of wind music openly, transpar­ently, and inquisitively and that WMC is a facilitator of significant developments in the sector. WMC is a world stage that encourages experiments, that brings cul­tures together, and that is at the service of music and the musician.

Mission Statement

‘WMC develops a high­-quality platform for wind music, and this platform is led by innovation and connecting people. WMC is open to experimentation, is a motivator of new, valuable connections, and stimulates talent development.’

Core values

The World Music Contest (WMC) operates on the basis of the following core values:


WMC creates a place where cultures meet in a musical context. The organization stimulates exchanges and organizes events where people from different back­ grounds can make music together.


Everyone is welcome at WMC, regardless of their origin, sexual orientation, or physical or mental abilities. One of WMC’s tasks is to bring everyone together in an atmosphere of musical fellowship.

Interdisciplinary & interdependent

WMC aims to establish valuable crossovers between art forms. Whether in music, theater, visual arts, urban culture, or dance, WMC encourages the use of ingredi­ents from various art forms, both in the contests and in the line­up.


Music has many intrinsic qualities: It stimulates the imagination, is soothing, or can evoke emotion. Music also contributes to an individual’s personal develop­ment. WMC wants to emphasize these qualities.


During WMC, the emphasis is on innovation. WMC praises creativity and gives participants the freedom to think outside the box.