Mission Statement & Core Values



In the seventy years of the festival’s existence, WMC has proven that it is a relevant – perhaps the most sig­nificant – player in the world of wind music, attracting more than 20,000 musicians and some 350,000 visi­tors to the city of Kerkrade every four years. However, this success is by no means taken for granted. WMC operates in a dynamic playing field, both on the side of the participants as well as on the side of the audiences. That is why experience plays a crucial role in the entertainment and festival landscape.

A new mindset calls for a redefinition of the festival’s vision. This new vision is founded on the idea that WMC approaches the world of wind music openly, transpar­ently, and inquisitively and that WMC is a facilitator of significant developments in the sector. WMC is a world stage that encourages experiments, that brings cul­tures together, and that is at the service of music and the musician.

Mission Statement

Core values