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MaD -

samstag 9 juli 2022
Percussion Ensemble ...
18:00 - 18:40
Theater Kerkrade
Ab € 15.00

MaD (Mallets and Drums) is the only known high-class Mallet Band in Germany. Founded in 2006 basically as an offshoot from northern German modern flute orchestra community most members are not original malleteurs but seasoned flute players or drummers in some cases with neither an instrument nor any rehearsal opportunity at home. Additionally all members come from northern Germany, but do not necessarily still live there, but are spread over the whole country. Therefore group rehearsals are very difficult to organise and quite rare with three or four meetings per year. The first public appearance was at a local music contest, the Euro-Musiktage in Heikendorf 2010. After a surprisingly good reception from both jury and audience more local appearances followed as well as participation at the Rasteder Musiktage (2018) and internationally at ONSK (2017) in the Netherlands which probably is the competition highlight of the band up till now. Maybe exceeded by multiple sold out concerts in the evening program of the Deutsches Musikfest (German Music Festival) 2019 in Osnabrück. After a short hiatus the members are eager for new challenges and to present their art to the international audience at WMC in Kerkrade.


A view into the future - Henk Smit

Vita "Tears remember, life goes on" - Henk Smit

El-Glee - Henk Smit


A view into the futureHenk Smit - Henk Smit10:00 min.5own choice
Vita "Tears remember, life goes on"Henk Smit - Henk Smit10:00 min.5own choice
El-GeeHenk Smit - Henk Smit13:00 min.5own choice