Immortal Brass Eternally


Immortal Brass Eternally (IBE) is a Japanese amateur brass band group formed in April 2008 in Hyogo, Japan. The band’s music is based on a mix of true to real British traditional sounds. IBE's main objectives is to popularise brass bands in Japan, training the younger generation for the future success overseas. IBE has been mainly focusing on the domestic market from small contests to concert arenas. In January 2014 IBE officially held its first concert "Soloist Showcase!" with the overwhelming support and interest from the fans. IBE decided to in the same year to participate in the Australian National Band Championship and scored an impressive grade A. As the years flew by IBE continued to gain popularity, recognition and in June 2018 held its 4th concert “Graham vs. Sparke'', one of the biggest and most successful to date IBE hopes to gain further ground in the music industry and all members are continuously striving to set the world alight.